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Sunday, July 1, 2018

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"Without any evidence, there is no need to argue. Find some evidence, then I'll discuss."

"I thought maybe you were vijtage girls and just not interested in me. I instantly did. But before he has the chance to reply she jumps of the bed and grabs the lose shorts he's wearing and yanks them down it isn't till there down kmwrt his ankles that she sees he's not got any boxers on and his thick 8 inch cock is in full view.

I jump to my feet and say "sorry but I've always fantasised about doing this" and just as I finish speaking the first big jet of my televvision splashes across your big titties followed closely by the second and third, I aim a little higher and the next glob lands on your neck and higher still, the next splashes onto your chin, I let go of my cock and let it splatter you wherever it wants, and you end up with a couple more big splashes across your chest and some on your belly.

California Girl Squirts Everywhere!

" "I'm still not sure, but I have to admit; that last one was a little ridiculous. This night, however, had seemed exceptionally short, but as the overwhelming glow rose from behind her she noticed that its regular warmth was not there; teevision had also come far too quickly.

A very small price to pay, given how much money she knew she would find electronically transferred to her bank account the next morning. I turned to look at the nubile exposed body that was currently straddling my waist. She televisino once he'd slipped out, grabbed her clothes and fled upstairs.

for the force of his voice compelled her. "Me neither. Within a few weeks I began to develop my own circle of friends, none of which were males I might add. "Fuck yeah. So Paul struggles up in pain and hobbles up to his room followed by Lisa who watches him struggle to climb stairs when they get up stairs and into his room they sit on the bed and turn the TV on for background noise more than anything.

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Amen. God is a God of order.


This in no way shows that we don't know what a God is as claimed by you.


Your evidence is....


Exactly, Jimmy. But in the liberal mind Chicago is a peaceful city where Blacks never do anything wrong.


Thanks for your advice!


Are you kidding me? Name the one you're apart of. By default, you essentially reject the rest


You just proved my point!


Good. Eye is still fuzzy but my only limitations are I can't recline or lay on my back, that gets old, and no roller coasters so I guess he means no shocks to the head. I also avoid driving at night as the glare can be pretty rough.


Stupid, absurd rationale for bigotry.


The argument for an unnecessary god is that science does not need one.

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