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Saturday, March 10, 2018

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"Literal six Day Creation ion is a 19th Century heresy that came from Fundies Catholics NEVER read Genesis as a ?science? text."

Letnh was not into girls at all, but I was mesmerized by her enchanting beauty. I had very little choice, looking like she did, my body just took over, leaving my brain and judgment back in the world before this island.

He tried to stifle a yawn. "Mmm, you don't get to cum just yet," he plunged his cock into her, making he gasp. A little added information for our golf knowledgeable friends our greens are brown brown sand but they do contain vidros golf flag and a hole (actually a bucket dug into the sand).

As he passed through the doors and got a better look at the tubes and what was lesbiaan within. This caught her by suprise and she held my head to her crotch forcibly as I finished up. I tried not to stare, but I'm only a man. " "Unless it was in an act of love," he answered.

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I think we do need to focus on the girl rejecting him, unfortunately. Women and girls need to protect themselves and know that men like this are out there.


This is very true :)


There is absolutely truth behind the Russian collusion story. It is just the collusion was on the part of the Clinton Campaign through Fusion GPS and Steele.


Free Maryjane for children's free condoms... In third grade. 1% looking down from on high.


What was wrong with the vetting we had before?


I've heard most of that on the video before (that's what I'm calling my layperson's knowledge :). And I do understand that Carroll is just another physicist with his opinions and he admits that himself. Doesn't matter, it's good to get all opinions, no matter how much others might disagree with it. That's what advances us.


Go back and read my prior responses for your answer, troll.


She sure did. Relevance?


"Then you'll say, "But nuh uh! Because they're bad, it doesn't matter what they say about what they believe because only good people are Christians, by definition!" "


I thought they had nixed that issue. I guess not.


Figured I'd stir the pot a bit!


His own impeachment involved actual illegal activity - i.e. perjury. I mean, I'm no fan of Trump, but thus far I don't see anything illegal acts on the part of Trump.


You spotted it, good for you!


FWIW, in my mid 20's I was resigned to the "fact" that I'd never get SS. Thirty years on I'm looking forward to the check (as a supplement, not a retirement plan) in a few years. It's the third rail. By your time however it will actually be out of money as opposed to just knowing that it's going to be out of money.

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