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Friday, March 2, 2018

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"Let?s try another Dawkins quote:"

Finally we were both buried deep inside her. i finished getting ready and grabbed my purse and we took off to his place.

Hot black girl next door getting wild and naked

His eyes were filled with tears, and widened as he heard the passanger-side door open. I thought I caught her glancing through the window back at me but she turned away too quickly for me annq be sure. I couldn't have stopped it even if I had wanted to. Her cousin's cock was slipping slowly between her soft lips and she took him into her mouth.

" Grandma giggles, "Then we will take three. " Sam giggles and says, "Okay Uncle George. Each plate she places a portion of each dish and ufck the plate to each person in turn. This is just a my first story but if people are wanting more I will continue with this for a bit constructive criticism is much appreciated.

Before him laid the vault. After we moved into our new apartment I was alone a lot and that's when I started to Mar in my mom's clothes.

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My mom had a dishwasher chart. I hate to break it to her but no matter how the dishes go in there are going to end up clean so doesn?t matter


No need to get all defensive about the burden of proof when nobody's trying to prove anything. We're just speculating, hypothesizing, and inferring.


Interesting views and well stated. Thanks.


So you at arguing that if you feel the end justifies the means, it is acceptable to offer inadequate medical care? Geesh, we could save a lot of money by getting rid of all of those licensing and quality control standards. Let's start with your grand children's pediatric clinic. Most of them will be fine without actual medical care... And perhaps we could save tax money by eliminating standards for Medicare and Tricare reimbursed facilities. I bet the high school dropout sweeping the floors at McDonald's could offer cheap services. And hey, Medicare are just old people anyway. Why would it matter if a few of them died a little bit earlier, right? Standards for medical care don't matter, after all...


Do you honestly mean to say that the actions of this man were wholesome and well intentioned in nature? Not all rattlesnakes bite but all rattlesnakes who rattle their tail ARE prepared to strike. They don't play it like a maraca.


Isn't lying considered "bearing false witness?"


Well, I was extremely fundamentalist. I mentally walked myself through Romans 1 every time I saw a gay person, and asked myself, so when did they turn away from God, and then progress to hating God, and then progress to be turned towards homosexuality by God along with a warped mind? In that light, I could look at the proud openness of homosexuality here in America and truly think, this is not something that God is going to judge; it's a sign that God has already judged us with rampant immorality and licentiousness as people parade themselves on the way to Hell. So I too am embarrassed by my old way of thinking, to say the least.


Having a BLT for lunch today


Working for Scumbag Trump is not a protected class.


Pretty much 0.001 or less for both. Slim to none, and getting slimmer. Everything is as it would be if there were no gods.


So you don't like me saying 'pro abortion' but you^re ok with calling a foetus in a 'parasitic relationship.'


It isn't anyone's day job. Now finish your thought before posting.


Traders? What traders?


As you know, i was totally on board with your communist idea. In fact, the inhabitants may seem like they are in a communist state but Joshua reminded me about the king. Heaven becomes a complete dictatorship


Like it or not Baghdad was the intellectual center of the universe during the 11th century. Islam hardly played a role, by keeping their nose out they thrived.


Or the washing machine on heavy setting.


Oh goodie, Rav made another flawed anti evolution thread


Buy into, say, an index fund, to keep it simple. Let it run, and let it pay you dividends for the rest of your life. You suggest making those dividends tax-free.


As in "peering through the cavity"?


But vast bodies of work does not earn the title "Science". What you are invoking is your misguided belief that all of science agrees with your Scientism.


You think there is only the left and the cult? Oh boy...


Where is the evidence that Fields was being attacked?


Lol denied.. Skin bleach?


Diet Coke douche to the punkie is absolutely a method of BC. But only if you manage to shoot it up there 20 mins after spermination.


he has an on-the-books job though.


The Trumps build solid, sturdy, durable houses in much of the New York City boroughs. They were sold at a fair price. Many still exist to this day.


Most Leftist men have been feminized.


lol! This is kind of pathetic, guys.

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