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Thursday, March 1, 2018

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Jo dreams about making passionate love to Eve Angel

"Owning a firearm means that one is "glorifying violence"?"

As Emma comes in to see Lisa putting her coat on se asks her "hey Lisa just leaving do you not want to stay for dinner". Miak beside the wreckage was Amy, staring down at the road.

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Jo dreams about making passionate love to Eve Angel

we made love 5 more times that night before I went home. John, her partner, hadn't attempted to edit the tape, just faithfully recorded wlth episodes as they happened. None of them had expected that to happen. "Sex?" "I iwth like a female" David said aloud in his drunkennes.

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Well believing in first place in imaginary things is not really sign of being open-minded. Quite opposite. :-) But yes, I would bow to PROOFS. That is main difference between theists and atheists.


The propensity of rental companies to buy more subcompacts than mid or full size vehicles.


1. Not sure why people it is so common for people to make arbitrary value judgments


You never said that? Really?


At best, regarding the religious aspects, it can only be taken figuratively. There are far too many flaws, contradictions, etc... to pretend that collection of stories is some literal truth.


I didn?t realize that Jesus himself introduced Eve to Adam, as in the OP picture. And why is Jesus wearing cloths in The Garden. At this point in the story the idea of being ?naked? was not known. I think it?s all allegory and parable, except, of course, the parts to be taken literally.


"Value" reduces to chemical reactions beyond the conscious control of the the one who values. Indeed, the one who values also reduces to chemical reactions all of which are controlled by God or the mysteriously sourced laws of nature.


Sensory. As in, anyone can sense it. And can be documented and observed.


The question a person of the Christian religion should ask themselves is am I Ok with a Muslim converting my child to Islam. If not why not. That may help a lot with the answer you are looking for.


Yes you "responded" - but only with more of the same unqualified, evidence devoid denial.


"... FREEDOMS that you now poses."


worry not about it. I do as I please :) LOL!!


Why are only fertilized eggs up for consideration? Maybe letting one of your eggs go unfertilized is murder in god's eyes since it doesn't take much to fertilize it. Just hang a sign and see how many fertilization offers you get. I don't see fertilized eggs or embryos to be any more sacred than all the other eggs that get flushed on a daily basis. I'm not sure that runs up through 9 months though. Maybe it goes to 3 years. Who knows? Until god shows up with real answers, he needs to quit blaming us for muddling through his creation.


Well this saved me from the trouble of putting the same thoughts together. Well done.


No need to delete as this is the purpose of the excercise. You aren't being disrespectful so no issue from me.


No, Idon't think so.


Well, who am I to say those scientists are wrong.


Agree, in the practical terms. Science, in its broadest sense, informs all human experience. I was giving my opinion in a more narrow sense: insofar as religion deals with nonfalsifiable claims and science deals


LOL I swear I'm not even baiting anyone at this point. I read through that federalist article then read through the comments and am genuinely at the point where I NEED to understand. It's driving me crazy that I can't see their side and they can't see mine.


To me they are the same. One doesn't exist without the other. Nobody cared when he died and if he wasn't a supernatural god then Christians would not care either.


And do you choose to believe those magical claims, without any evidence that they happened? I suppose you do if you believe the bible. I can't.

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