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Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Girlfriends Horny lesbians get hot and wet by the fire

"That isn't my belief, and that sentence doesn't even make sense."

She moved it for me in the same circle around her globe, only 4 and a half months but still firm and full of life. "I could still pass for a teenager", she said to herself. All similarities to people places et cetera yadda yadda complete coincidence.

Girlfriends Horny lesbians get hot and wet by the fire

And there was no-one to fuck her. And as for the Dodge, well, they don't run on faith. Now Angela and I were more than friends. i licked the nipples slowly, as they were in my mouth.

I felt so wonderful, and i wrapped my legs around his lower back and pulled him in closer to me. "Take a seat" she walked over to a ffight and sat down, crossing her long sexy and bare legs in a slow, deliberate motion.

"Take your clothes off. Technically, the judge had showed leniency given the crimes she was just convicted of, but she was clever enough to realize what the town's plan for her was.

Her cooking couldn't be worse than my water skiing, even if it is, will both improve with practice.

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I do wonder which was the stupid part, the carrying half a ton of stupid, or driving with a tail light out. I suppose both are force multipliers..


"-MARK- Debra ? 16 hours ago


And you think I give two schlitz what your little troll butt thinks? You keep claiming that others are making minimum wage and are the trolls. I'm sure that will work out great for you..../s


Yes, God designed the species where each species is assigned with limited Defense Mechanism so to be able to adapt changing environment to survive, but NOT to turn into new species to cause imbalance of the Eco System He designed...


maybe thats god too if everything returns to 0 then the first thing to go in my opinion would be infinity since it's over abundance would bring it closer to counter existence(opposite)


Hitler wasn't an atheist. Regardless they both had mustaches too, but neither their atheism nor their mustaches caused them to murder people (that was a complex tangle of power dynamics).


No need for salvation since Christianity teaches that Jesus died for your sins. Ergo, I can continue committing the worse imaginable sins because I'll never be held accountable for them. Of course there's a flip side to this: since Jesus supposedly came back to life, should we conclude that Jesus "undied" for our sins?


"I prefer not to do either."


"Friends are hard 2 find so be careful..."


Good god, this was hardly the work of the Democratic party. Unless by "Democratic party" you mean all computers and accessories.


You take that back. This is not a forum for levelheadedness.


Ease up there US


"So... my question is "why the rage?""


... is not a sound basis for a truth claim.


The free press in the US is to diverse to do much of anything together. They might adhere to the same standards of decency as everybody else, but that's about all. They all want to get the truth to people and know that if they lie other free press outlets will call them for it.


The Business isn't Ruined though....


Well, now... there are lots of places and times you can look to see the influence of Christianity... generally speaking, though, the more influence at a given place and time, the more likely that homosexuality will be legally punishable. Fairly obvious why, too, since the Bible teaches that homosexuality is an abomination unto God.


Indeed the insane and intolerant stuff that is taught can be quite dangerous. The fact that, to my opinion, it does not do damage because it does not overrule normal people's tendency to be benevolent towards eachother, is no excuse that it should not be put on the list of dirty child abuse tricks.


That is nonsense. There weren't enough Christians in Rome in 64CE for the Romans to even notice, let alone blame a fire on, and at that, the Romans couldn't tell the difference between a Christian and a Jew to begin with. Pliny, the Younger was basically chief of police in Rome in the late 1st century, but knew so little about Christians that when he was governor of Bythnia in 110CE, he had to write to Trajan to find out what to do with the.m. Pliny knew of no persecution of Christians in the 1st century. There were no major persecutions of Christians in the Roman Empire, ever.


Just because they say they are Christians doesn't mean they are acting in accordance with Christ.


More bull from the crooked media!


Sliding into a bad Monday.


I embellish because it gives my mundane life a little more spice.


I think a more accurate metaphor would be an ant using its ant intelligence to evaluate a bunch of stories told by other ants about a boot that may or may not be on a foot that may or may not exist.


No, the science supports atheism thing is a common Christian cliam.

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