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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"So let's flip this on it's head. You are a known homosexual and professional cake decorator. The Westboro Baptist church comes into your shop wanting a cake decorated with an image of the rainbow flag going up in flames. You know darn well they hate you. They would be happy to see your bakery go up in flames and would want you to be in it when it goes. What do your do? If you decline because of your sincerely held belief, you are discriminating against them for their sincerely held belief. You are discriminating based on religion, which could open you up to problems from the same civil rights commission."

He walked over to the door as Fleur stood there stunned. Lisa just gave him the sit the fuck down dumb ass look and pointed towards the living room. I told Jasper to call Alicia and tell her to come on over. I was getting all lubed pciks rubbing up and down her cunt and this was getting her going again.

On the television a Chinese woman playing a T. 'Oh god, this can't be normal,' Kayla thought, as she gracefully massaged the oils with her fingers until it coated the sides of her boyfriend's anus.

"Why don't you kids go to Pauls room while I make food and I'll shout when food is ready" Emma says getting up and making her way into the kitchen.

I know it bothers a lot of people these days and I just want to say to not let it bother you at all. Money was no longer valuable. Juices squirted messily on her bed's sheets, the floor and on her lower body. "Here!" he said passing her ?250 of her own money "What is this for?" she asked wondering if he had come around "It is valentines day tomorrow my darling wife, buy a few things for yourself" he said "Aren't you meant to buy them for me?" she said taking the money "I can't be bothered, bring back the receipts!" he said turning to eat his breakfast Nadia went shopping over her lunch break, she didn't want a valentines present from him, but wanted some freedom to shop with her own money.

He shined his flashlight on the far wall in front of him. "And you didn't tell me because. Nadia arose from the table, greasy and stinking of Indian food, she ran around the restaurant grabbing her clothes from the floor, aware that the men were still taking pictures of her whilst she bent over.

The taste was like nothing I had experienced before. "I love feeling full. This was more than I could stand and I fell forward onto my face, flat on the floor.

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I'm pretty sure the Germans started to feel more comfortable about the killing of Jews and Gypsies as well as homosexuals given a little time.


Well articulated. That said, the same word could be used to argue for the other side of the debate as well.


According to my zodiac sign in Disney I?m Maleficent.


The thing that should worry you is that the same nations would be just as likely to put holy hypocrites like you to death for your "Jeezus Jihad."


The law created by whom? The entity with the actual force to remove said property under their definition of it? AKA the government? That seems more like a "do as a say, not as I do" situation. And leaves the individual to be tossed in the wind while they try to navigate the minefield of laws to be able to keep what is there's rather than what the government says is ok to keep or not.


After 15 years, nothing the Ontario Liberals do could surprise me, other than them adopting a policy to start being truthful to taxpayers. I don't expect that to ever happen, however.


Good lord,Ihope you buy lottery tickets.You'll need the money to take care of your pets.Good luck!


So you are bi-sexual then, good for you to come out in this way.


Hm... that doesn't sound fair to me.


Pretty sure he would still be just as mad if there were a bunch of white people in that restaurant that were EXACTLY like him. I get the impression he got irrationally mad because he felt less special because of all the white people in the restaurant and the fact they increased his wait time for his burger.


Thank you for another deep and penetrating analysis!


Yes, and Buddhism.


I edited it. Is it still not fixed for you?


Lol. I know exactly what he will do. And I don?t care whether you take me seriously or not.


PTA's are also organized, and they are mostly women. Do you have a problem there?


Those three things (a man named Jesus, called Christ by his followers, had an important brother named James) do not by extension prove the rest of the Gospels are historical fact.


Congratulations! 60 years being married is quite something! Impressive effort !


It's speculation, like all of my thoughts. I do think there's a lot of evidence the core teachings were about the sources of suffering, such as hatred, greed, jealousy, and gluttony. Proverbs 29:24-26 says, "You are your own worst enemy", which is an ancient idea that predated Jesus.


I'm talk No about the fresh sorbet kind with fruit. They are so yummy but a little costly.


For building muscle?


I can name a few, if you're a priest :)


No problem ur right but are easily spotted.


You sound disappointed. Perhaps you have dreams of shucking it all and living the high life and are hoping to live vicariously through a hedonistic atheist. ;)


As long as you call it a "cult", I can't believe you aren't speaking from a standpoint of utter blind hatred.


I like anime. It?s definitely not for kids ? most of the ratings are M for mature themes. It?s super violent and most of the depictions of girls on there are highly sexualized.


Why would anyone compromise on their beliefs? That is just ridiculous.


You were surprised?


20 years ago, beer would have been a respectable bribe ;)


Trump is jealous that Trudeau is the lady's man that Trump believes he still is but knows deep down that that little ship has sailed.


Tell them it isn't any of their business.


I should preface by saying I think this line of question is beside the point because I think that what you are calling "faith" is itself based on "evidence" for the person who has it ("faith"). You may be working off something like the Bible verse sometimes quotes that "faith is belief things not seen" or whatever it is, but I think that is both a shoddy definition and an untrue statement. I think we have "faith" exactly BECAUSE we think it is supported by evidence. Think of a ridiculous belief - flat earth, young-earth creation, big bang, whatever you deem irrational - I am confident those who believe it don't view it as a great "leap" or else they wouldn't believe it. Same with "God." But we may just be playing a semantic game because I define "faith" as something like: "complete trust in someone or something" the validity of the "evidence" for that "trust" (as valued by some third party) is irrelevant, imho.


So now deporting illegal aliens is Nazi? Have you lost your flipping mind?

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