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Thursday, February 15, 2018

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"Actually God could not create itself as Divine Beings. Because everything God creates is creation and not Him."

" He begged for her return until he succumbed to sleep, still laying on the bare floor. well.

Hot brunette in fishnet dress fingering pussy

"Nice and slow" Miriam said. " Nevertheless, he didn't care. She kissed Alice passionately. " Turn on your back, I want to see your pretty face while I fuck you" Bob ordered.

So slutty for a preacher's wife and so damn hot. "Please Mike, don't hurt us. I slide down on my knees and part her legs further. Not bad, just smelly. The glimmering starlight made the normally cloaked tears in her eyes shimmer with a gentle glow.

She was panting now as I went up to the waistband of her panties and ran my hand down the inside of them. Never stop fucking me!" She managed to moan out, holding on for dear life as they increased their tempo, spearing her young body mercilessly. Her eyes were locked onto his own, a deep emotional swirl of madness and panic caught between them.

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The dog in the back seat is a nice touch, man.


He exists, and you won't wanna meet him for the first time in the judgment!


I celebrated my 28th birthday for the 10th time in April. See if you can figure that one out. I have the maturity level of a 13 year old though. I crack up when I hear the word boner. *giggle* Boner.....*snort*


But his plan pales in comparison to the great giveaway that Andrea Horwath is planning on dishing up for unsuspecting Ontarians....Her promise to make Ontario a sanctuary province could cost more than Doug's entire program. Lets start examining her programs beginning with her promise to let unions choose how much money they can extort while enjoying long strikes on a regular basis....Doug is the least of our worries at this point.


What you think is not what is and will never be. Words can be interpreted in more than one way so the intent is far more important than the words themselves. If people started assuming that most possibly offensive things are said only in jest, the world would be so much more peaceful. Clearly, this woman has a complete inability to laugh at herself.


Depends on the context of race.


Oh my lord... the audacity.


You can go after Iran for the Proxy wars without blowing up the agreement.


I feel the same thing as a white man going into a neighborhood that is predominantly black. Like I'm being watched and silently shooed out of the area.


Are you a Texan? Howdy neighbor?


ROFL!! Gurllllll you are killing me today!! I actually LOL'd and now people are looking at me.


I agree James, yet when it comes down to actual reality, we all must be painfully honest with the facts. How we may 'feel' about it is a secondary issue, along with 'what if people don't like me if I say what I really think.'


These questions are just too ambiguous for me. Since no one knows why or exactly how all that is came to be, everyone makes forms a conclusion, a presupposition, based on faith. "Faith" by definition, is not objective.


Are they even christians?


Thoughts and Prayers


And... We all believe. It's just that some of us reject the gods or a god, or God, or even GOD, that we believe in!


?Meet in the lobby at 7:30 am? they said. So why were they ready to go and waiting for me at 7:15 am when I went down to the lobby?


Because you Christians are so nasty to atheists.


I have never heard one.


I have answered this a couple of times, it does not look like they are posting.


In my opinion there is a distinct difference between intuition, and emotions, or feelings. Over time I have learned to distinguish the difference and have also learned to listen to my intuition; especially when it is screaming at me. Never been wrong once when I have listened to it; been wrong every single time I did not. Plus I believe that intuition does become more sensitive if attention is paid to it. I agree about the making decisions based on emotions, or feelings being a mistake more often then not.


And Donnie likely also believes that James Madison's wife was the proprietor of a cheap, convenience store snack cake company...


"leaves unsettled the broader constitutional questions the case presented."


"Christianity has brought death"


It looks to me that they are nowhere near a conflict, could be some sort of training exercise.


There's no god necessary for any of these natural prcesses to work. We know how evolution works, reproduction works, death works, eating works, lightning works, thunder works, rain works, etc. No god seen or needed.


"Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's."

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