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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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"Harbor freight is at it again....I do not need new floor jacks or a 6.5 hp pressure washer....Why do they torment me?"

As I stripped, master turned on the cab lights, illuminating the inside of the truck, and making me visible to al number of truckers traveling in the other direction. She groaned loudly as I entered, her bare pussy pulsing mr the pleasure she was feeling.

She was hot and slippery wet.

Puma Black is such a hot latina slut

He wanted forgiveness, but he couldn't remember how to ask for it. Damien moaned lightly and grabbed some of her red curls into a firm grip.

A section of wall blown out into something resembling a bare classroom. I had had a hard on, but it was rapidly going down. Pauls talking about him missing berfielc and riding his motorbike when she say " excuse me a minute I need to use the toilet" and rushes of to the bathroom as soon as she gets there she quickly drops her trousers and starts rubbing her clit wildly within seconds she's cumming hard.

"Where do you want me to cum" I ask, "Where ever you want as long as you clean it up" you reply. A great beat pounding in his chest, beating like a huge drum against her whole body, beating faster, beating faster.

No release brought him completion, Justib it took something from him. "Now, the floor.

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Its already taken over universities...


But I hate religion.


When will America do that with anti-science Republicans in power?


No actually i don't. Support of police and firefighters has nothing to do with support of their unions.


Isn't it sad when us anonymous interneters have better advice for him than the Doug Ford brain trust?


Nothing, if that's what you're into.


He was not given the chance to apologize, apparently. She didn't confront him, she reported him.


I am sorry.


It describes the fear of the atheist. An atheist thinks that someone who can't think rational, can be made to do irrational things, even atrocities. The believer thinks that an atheist who has no fear of god or eternal justice can't have morals and will do immoral things. (Exaggerated for both cases)


Buy a PC membership for twenty bucks (it's tax deductible!) and have your say up close and personal.


BOTH....just at different time periods in history.


Thanks for letting us know just how flat-headed that your "Jeezus cult" makes you behave. How many times did you have to get rattlesnake bit to have your IQ drop that much?


lol Tisk tisk!


I see your point here


Ditto to what Gehennah said


Im in agreement


Exactly! I mean I wont let my daughter dress in overtly sexual attire but if she wants blue highlights or spiky hair, whats the harm in that?


Sorry but I have a policy about never reading a comment which starts with "Dude".


Didn't even read your comment. I see Reagan, I click "upvote". I'm a simple man, really.


So what is the difference between the fundamentalist believer and the liberal believer in any religion? One may be a bit more tolerant on the outside but they both believe they are correct. Yes one may attend LGBTQ events but if asked at church, Temple or Mosque about it you will find them saying prayers or quoting scripture that says homosexuality is an affront to God. So is there a difference in their beliefs?


I am utterly offended.

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