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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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"It absolutely does not."

From the look on Johnny's and Joan's faces us is not one of her normal dishes but one she cooks on special occasions. As David walked slowly through the isles he continued to take star drinks of whiskey. "By the way, if you get a chance, try and get Gabrielle to give you a blowjob, best head I've ever gotten" he said to Ron, whose eyes lit up.

!" she said pleading "NO BUTS BITCH!" he shouted her down "OK, so what shall I cook?" she said changing the subject "I want a feast for a king, all cooked from scratch none of this frozen shit!" he demanded "But I have work!" she said "Call in sick then!" he said getting up "I am going out now, you better start cleaning!" Nadia sat there playing with the net curtain, it was too dykw to wrap around her, she got a pair of scissors making a several strips and tying them up to make a tiny skirt and boobtube, she ran upstairs to check herself in the mirror, her dark brown nipples were clearly visible through the see-thru material.

"Good slut "he said "it's been a long time since I've had a good blow job as your mother thinks she's too good to do that. On weak, shaky legs, he stumbled down the alleyway back toward his church. I want to taste my cum" she said.

I let my tongue trace over her clit in slow soft licks. Then softer, "There will be time for you to kill me later. "CAN'T YOU SEE THEY'RE PSYCOS?" "Don't listen to my sister," the aroused girl said, "she's just a little jumpy.

Over the next our weeks, I would go over and visit, and they would reciprocate. Tomorrow can be the warm up for that. That and the Glock pointed directly at them.

But it has to remain a secret.

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I also "beg to differ". How did Jesus got to be a Son?


Agnosticism includes such refusal, but the consistent agnostic will do as I described, i.e., refusing also to affirm the opposite proposition.


With change comes violence. Would you rather still be in the Dark ages?


She didn't. It is known that Jesus had at least four half-brothers, as well as some half-sisters.


Depends on the box...


Aww, how awful. Socialism will be getting a major wrench thrown in the gears of transforming Ontario into Venezuela.


You should totally change your name to "Amy A Threat To Public Safety." :)


Wow, printing errors has become suppression in the eyes of the ridiculous.


I'd pound that.


There are plenty of folks, religious or not, who believe in an eye for an eye, or even worse.


Religion can be an emotional solace in times of sorrow, in exactly the same way a placebo can provide relief from a medical malady. They are both lies, but you feel better because ignorance is bliss.


hully crap. do you have your own flag, to fly at these events?


the 7 year twitch


What specifically about a graduated tax on income bothers you?


Live in a country with single payer socialized medical service. Everyone regardless of income gets medical care.


What is #1 and #3?


Flat Earth? I?m going to bash my head against the wall.


But calling a person a bigot is a ok? Wow.. makes sense.


If Man is a rational being, then there is a creator. If your bathroom scale can be trusted to tell you your weight, then it was designed, manufactured, and calibrated in a factory somewhere.


That was not the decision. If the baker does the same thing tomorrow he will lose in court. It was about how his case was handled not about the merits of the case.

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