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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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Alicia Vikander - Ex Machina (2015)

""I guess the scientists working on this don't know what they're talking about, and you know better? |-D""

I pulled out before I came, and pushed my slippery cock against her browneye, slowly pushing it into her ass, "It hurts baby, but it hurts good, fuck my ass. I would hear my mom yelling out as she came, and I was jealous of my dad for making her cum. "By the way, if you get a chance, try and get Gabrielle to give you a blowjob, best head I've ever gotten" he said to Ron, whose eyes lit up.

Alicia Vikander - Ex Machina (2015)

She knew that he loved her, that he found her so attractive. Taking in his surroundings he took a seat next to a skeleton. As well as being shyI was intimidated by Bob. Master told me to curl up on the bunk in the sleeper and rest; he stepped out of the truck and spoke to the few guys who were still there, and shortly afterwards we left to head back home.

"Of course. The blindfold remained while suspiciously feminine fingers pushed into her pussy and ass, and while what was undoubtedly a pussy was pressed to her lips for oral pleasures.

how long have you been out here. But before he has the chance to reply she jumps of the bed and grabs the lose shorts he's wearing and yanks them down it isn't till there down at his ankles that she sees he's not got any boxers on and his thick 8 inch cock is in full view.

After getting out of hospital he is told to rest and avoid strain on his leg. We sat on the ground and looked out over the midday sun, my arm around her, her head tucked into my arm for a while before deciding it was time to clean ourselves up and reenter society.

"Would you be the other girl?" It was about a week later, on a Friday night, that we showed up at the estim guy's off campus house. In and out, deeper, deeper still, out, deeper. But I felt bad that Angela had revealed something about herself that was so personal and yet I still held something deep inside.

"Ohh I like the sound of that" Katie cooed.

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Wonderful. Ask me if I really care if he is found innocent or guilty.


While the article makes good point, it fails to call out that in America we are not required to be Christian. There are no morality police to dictate anything. We are free to worship who we choose or not.


Pornographic, yes. Foreskins, pulling out of your sister-in-law, sex with your daughters, baby eating and other goodies.


What if a gal WANTS you to do it ? I've had that happen more than once.


You keep trying to put science in Genesis, and Genesis in science, when Genesis isn't anywhere NEAR scientific.


I am going to use printed/stolen metaphor to describe this situation:


Look, he purposely avoided serving his country in time of war.


This is what killed TNC way back when.


You can't even run your own Country now keep your oversized nose out of other peoples problems azzwipe.....


my thought, she has already had sex, and the two of them are enjoying a snack and coffee, hopefully to regain energy to have another go at it


Absolutely I do. There should be no minimum wage at all in my opinion and there should be zero price, wage, and rent controls.


Welp, not much point anyone else posting now.


So are you saying the four gospels and the book of Acts are the only books in the Bible that matter? John 21:25 "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen."


True.. perhaps alleged facts would be a better term.


Keep trying to blame law enforcement for the crimes committed by criminals. It's the only spin you have left since these illegals are the ones who have brought this on themselves.


Is he calling Macron, lol.


Thought you were a literalist. A lot of those here. The invasion didn?t happen at all from most everything I?ve read. The archaeological record first off shows no Exodus, no Moses, no invasion. No sudden change in the maddens. Pottery, food, pig bones all changed over time as the Hebrews evolved away from the Canaanite.


Harming other people is the only way to do wrong (in addition to harming inanimate things or animals). Thinking does no harm and can not be considered wrong. Again it is hard to tell if you are serious... Taking a pen, getting mad, and fantasizing are sins that will keep you from eternal life? Please clarify that you are currently being serious.


And it doesn't keep many others with the same tendencies from murdering, raping and stealing.


Don't give Elon Musk any might be on his next space shot.


Not everyone lives in an area where there are countless options. By your logic black people shouldn't have been given civil rights because "they could have just taken their business elsewhere"


Those kind are not truly Christians at all, and I encourage you to continue your crusade against them, notwithstanding, do not neglect the very words you use against them, be sure to crusade in a loving and gentle manner.


He's the one that admonished me.


Or...your silly timescale is construct like everything else evo gas done to seriously prop up gradualism. Explain why the politics? Why no support for PE, though its has the evidence.


To be fair to your position, my linked article does say


Show me the support for your claim. Otherwise you are just making stuff up


He should have just lit up a cigarette.


And god made Man in his image ?......or is it Let us make Man in our Image.?What Image...? The Snake is the what's it ? and the tree of knowledge is what? ?? ?? ??


Well that's just awesome


You'll need to explain why it's bankrupt to not buy the assertion of a god and not just assert it.


For all we know, this student suffers from a medical disorder that is really quite common - it's called "seizure disorder" and in some people it masks as "sleep", when in fact the individual is having a seizure.


Nice preaching. Did you have anything intelligent or relevant to include?

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