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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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"To play devil's advocate for a moment, the OP assumes "prayer" is an attempt to convince a deity to intervene in one's life. But for some people, prayer is not talking to God, but a way to pause and reconnect with their deepest emotions and their love, and to add some healing stillness into their life."

Rdive I felt my own climax not too far, I started ramming her tight wet cunt harder, using powerful, deep-penetrating thrusts eliciting horny, animal-like grunts and screams from her, and then I exploded so hard in her pussy, filling her tight cunt with my hot wet cum.

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It onkine the second week of the holidays when the accident happened Paul and Gary were cutting down trees on the site when a widow maker (falling branch) hits Paul on the leg injuring him badly and getting rushed to hospital.

Examining the massive steel doors. It was the second week of the holidays when the accident happened Paul and Gary were cutting down trees on the site when a widow maker (falling branch) hits Paul on the leg injuring him badly and getting rushed to hospital.

Drivr it in my hot little hand, I walked out to escort my friend all the way down to the end unit where we would be spending the night. A loud boom resounded through the dungeons, dust and debris filling up the corridors as the blast rocked the stone walls and floors.

"You may have James' cum but I'm not letting you have it all to yourself. "Pussy" Harry said promptly, as he lifted her up, Ginny's leg wrapping around his waist. It didn't help that when I looked away I could see beautiful pregnant women enjoying their bodies and finding the most comfort and pleasure they could.

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There must be a huge amount of wastage around the world because of 'best before' dates.


They are still stuck on witch burnings and the inquisition. Forgive em


The Dept of State careerists believe they are more important and essential and correct than a mere POTUS. Way past time to jerk that Dept back into heel.


It?s hilarious, both things.


I would like to know his final whispering to Scarlet Johansson...


Legal Immigration based on merit is absolutely fine. Illegal Border Crossings on the other hand...


Lol, it was just some guy trying oddly to say I hate men, I guess, because he was a jerk to Duchess Yvonne, and I said hi to him,


Yes Sir !! Hope the sun comes back soon !


Straw men. THREE, in fact.


I guess so smh


Prove it. Lets see the proof of this. I presented articles and presented this op completely off the facts discovered in genetics.


"And that was somehow iligit to your ilk, but Turdeaus at 39.2% is somehow perfectly fine?"


It is hard to imagine the process of translating the Bible....! ANYONE who does translate it into a current language should know, more than anyone else, what it teaches! It's one thing to chat about the many thing it "says," but to understand its teachings is truely a mondern-day accomplishment that few have attained!!


If you've texted them or emailed them from your phone, that's probably how.


Don't change it or you'll confuse the lot of us.


lol. The ugly american.


I prefer proper English.


Theres no strawman, I was ammoral as an atheist and thought most atheists were stupid even though I was one.


Some people are. Others are looking to scratch an itch for conversation, and be exposed to new viewpoints.


She should be fined, serve community service, and made to read the comments on the Red Pill sites.


Gotta go easy on the garlic or I've got gas for days.


Trump's Covfefe "people".


Oh shit. I'll bring my dialysis machine. We might need it.

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