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Sunday, February 11, 2018

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Feasting for bbc

"Russia is the only place he can get financing for his disastrous real estate boondoggles. That's where his business fortunes lie and that's why he promotes Russia."

Elly looked down at her, shuddering from the anticipation. Master told me to curl up on the bunk in the sleeper and rest; rating stepped out of the truck and spoke to the few guys who were still there, and shortly afterwards we left to head back home. She never took her eyes away from mind, not even when her bra tension was released and it Fre away from her chest.

I know you were trying to help me, but notnot this.

Feasting for bbc

Can you tell me that what I feel is not there?" "It is there, Little One. Since there was but one chair, naturally she had to sit on the bailiff's lap while she ate. "he shouted at me " are you crazy aduly I had never been so scared in my life. Elly moaned, loudly.

"NoooAubrey arrican stop!" Kayla sighed, but her body violently disagreed, welcoming the intrusion of Aubrey's tongue as it tenderly laved and ate out her well-fucked pussy, cleaning out every drop of sperm and cum until it glistened purely from the blonde's saliva. He could get off on it for all she cared.

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Still trying to debate an admitted troll I see. Fuck me you morons are funny as.


You could arm yourself to fight the coloreds in the next civil war we're going to have. Blacky is under control now because they know they would lose.


Try sharing a Coke with him.


You keep saying that Christians are a majority as though you don't know that that is where the privilege comes from. That is what the privilege is.


I love where your head is at, madame!!


It may have had benefits at the start and it may still have benefits for some but it's like the training wheels on your first bike. They help you learn but eventually you move past them and no longer relying on them. If you keep them on they actually hold you back from learning how to ride without them on your own. Learning how to think should be the goal not learning what to think which is what all religions do.


But we do understand what "god" means. Your Bible is not the sole arbiter of definitions here.


I thought going into debt by another trillion to pay for tax cuts to corporations was the first step


I support the Satanic Temple's inclusion into public schools if we allow other faiths to be there.


It?s what they wrote that lost me- not their character.


No, where did you get that idea? I have explained repeatedly in this thread that I believe in God the Father, Jesus, His Son and the Holy Spirit. I believe in Jesus' cruxification and resurrection. I believe that a person receives the Holy Spirit upon acceptance of Jesus' sacrifice for us. I have experienced the Love of Jesus.


What do I care, why should I care, about what others say? This is your problem not mine.


Regarding the last question, in general surveys that are conducted by asking for participation tend to give very skewed results. This introduces all sorts of uncontrolled factors such as the bias of certain groups to want to provide input, inaccurate sampling (a small percentage of the channel participants probably saw the OP), and perhaps even some downright cheating.


BS. They will simply cut jobs. That is what they do. Simple is as simple does.


Hogan's starpower is undeniable, not the UW or Lex Luger even came close to his starpower


The experiemce with God showing me something about my cousin and what God told me and showed at church before it happened is also part of it. ??


Interesting, thanks Steve.


Especially if it's poontang pie! Lol jK


Gee, raising taxes cut the deficit? Who knew.


I believe in intelligent design


Not snit so, Mere ly listing them, as you are dealing w/them as group.


"everyone should HAVE TO sell a cake to anyone"


Same. I feel like I'm constantly battling my kid to wear his darn coat. He thinks he'll be totally fine wearing a sweatshirt and no coat when it's snowing outside. *facepalm*


I am agree. If she wanted to dye it pink, then 18


I'm just messing ya with pal


Actually Rob was the best councilor Toronto ever had but he was lacking as mayor. Tory may be better than Miller but not much.


Care to deal with my clarified claim? Do you dare think about what is actually claimed FOR evolution, and think about whether it makes sense and/or has any actual evidence?


Mad over what? You? Come on, don't embarass yourself. Though you really should mind your business. Or, at least learn to read and follow the conversation along.


Not to mention giving you reason to research their religion for hours on end, and discussing it for years on end. For something that you say is so obscure. Funny it seems to be your reason for living.

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