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Thursday, February 15, 2018

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"Yeah, I believe in the separation of the church and state. If the state controls the religion, the religion controls the state. Free thought is essential to a good religious worldview."

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AMANDA CERNY Nude/Naked Playboy Plus

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i mean, the alt-right hates a lot of people TAD would think of as Alt-right, such as peterson and his youtube ilk. The alt-right just hates a lot.


He'll be at his cottage for the family weekend doncha know.


Heard you're having surgery. Hope it goes right, you black Irish prick! ??????


Don't even think of going in my space... You may never return! :-)


Lol which was the first thing that you saw?


You dont think its a pos? Considering you probably have insurance and didnt pay the mandate fees. Save me the lecture.


But couldn't a layman, for instance, confuse General Nutrition Company (GNC) as a nutrition service?


Ohhh been there a couple three times...




Still looks good.


I know who Danica Patrick is. What does that have to do with this?


"The Truth", is not a 'concept', 'idea', 'scientific fact', or even 'multiple' truths.... It's One Person. The Person of Jesus.


That's precisely the opinion of experts. The preacher called Jesus probably did live in Roman-occupied Judea and was crucified by Romans. He did not, however, commit any miracles, and did not come back from the dead.


People can associate with and do business with foreign companies/people. It isn't illegal.


Yes grass. Meat will no longer be eaten by anything. It means there will be perfect harmony amongst all of Gods creatures.


Yes, but I am only interested in talking about beliefs and other ideas, not the lack thereof.


My apologies I thought it was a typo. Now I?ve learned a new word haha. My experiences speak to the truth presented in biblical teachings. I have experienced them to be true.


A cake maker is not an "artist". He's an artisan, like a cobbler or a dressmaker or a florist. This whole debate about him being an artist is, frankly, silly. He uses artistic skills and talents to produce items for commercial consumption -- literally. I believe conservatives have latched onto this "artist" designation to try to separate out the wedding cake from other items he provides but it's pointless.


Can't help himself.


There's always one trouble maker in the class.


I?ve seen the answer here a few times. It seems you are looking for a specific answer?


I am sorry, I thought the word "turnip" said "Trump"... my apologizes! :)


First, you don't know "most blacks" so you're in no position to state what most blacks' mentality is or is not. But if you have some stats I'd love to see them that prove most have a "left wing racist mentality".


It's a thought that i wanted to share and get feedback on, if that is wrong, so be it. I don't think this is my launching point into mainstream physics, this is just a discussion.


You don't know anything that Obama didn't know.


The world will always be the world and no reform movement is going to change it. On the whole we're doing well.


I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, (Church on top of a state/kingdom)


Sorry, I am not the least bit offended. I am not special nor am


Dodge, deflect, repeat. You folks are so predictable.


I was going to mention that those aren't claims you are making, and then you brought up things like AiG which makes me wonder.

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