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Monday, February 19, 2018

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"It's the best - the everythings. My Dad use to do work in the city, and he would bring us back bagels from H&H bagels. When my brother worked with him, he speaks fondly of how great it smelled because they were there in the early morning hours when they were first cooking all the bagels. They also use to make this variation of a bagel ...and I don't know how it's spelled but it sounds like "be-alie"...they were thinner like-bagels with the same crisp outside and doughy inside and they would have a thin layer of bread with onion and seeds in the middle of it that would crips up so nicely when toasted. Those were my favorite. I don't know if they make them anymore. You can't get bagels like that anywhere else but NYC."

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I laid my hand over her pubic bone. If either of you bug me or Paul while he's here I swear to god I'll make you wish you hadn't been born my sisters!" Giggling was heard, and followed by a brief moment of silence the older of the two young ones spoke from the other room.

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I agree, it is WRONG to use only one test, such as carbon dating only to make a scientific you are doing here. YOU pointed out that carbon dating, which gives a "date range" of a fossil is backed up by counting tree rings, (which debunks your rational by finding that you have faulty methodology by using only ONE test method, in the elementary sense) and as with other methods like carbon dating, scientists used other isotopes with longer half lifes to get a more time frame.


Says the guy who has not provided any evidence to suggest it or thst he knows what he's talking about.


Ummm, I'm going to disagree with you strongly on that one... When did you choose to be straight?


I think you know by know "Atheism" doesn't answer any question except with regard to belief in God/s.


Of course there are things we do not know, but to operate in our lives we must move forward with what we do know. To operate effectively we should hold as many truths and reject as many falsehoods as possible.


According to whom?


Reading it slower or getti g someone to explain it to you


Lolz. Bless your heart. Reading is knowledge. Let me know which "big words" confused you.


Black holes are observable. What goes on inside a black hole is not. There are hypothesis what must happen if the rules of physics still apply but there is no way, even theoretical, to test.


They ban because there is no logic on their side.

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