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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Joelean & Nikki Rhode Lick Pussy At The Salon

"A nano second or two!"

She drove me in her jeep along the smooth roads, pointing out landmarks and areas of interest along our way. "Want a beer?" He pulled a bottle from the six-pack he had bought just a few minutes before their session, twisted off the cap and handed it to her.

Joelean & Nikki Rhode Lick Pussy At The Salon

Once agin he took out his trusty 12ga shotgun and slowly walked to it. My cock was really good size for a 16 year old. A little added information for our golf knowledgeable friends our greens are brown brown sand but they do contain a golf flag and a hole (actually a bucket dug into the sand).

I pulled my hands back and fondled her tits and she was slowly moving up and down like a pro, sucking real hard. He tells her how it happened and that he's in pain but is ok. "Yes, master!" Her dress was not hiding anything much anyway but when she took off the two short pieces of clothes, her totally naked body looked inviting and exciting, especially as I felt the power over her, she was my property, mine to use or abuse anyway I liked.

As we finish dinner, Kathryn takes Sam back upstairs and I help her. I first slid it down into her wet cunt, fucking her doggie style for a while, "FUCK ME GODDAMN IT GIVE ME ALL YOUR HARD COCK!" My balls were slapping against my mother's ass cheeks as I fucked her doggie style.

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Then she told me to get back up and kiss her.

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I have already given them to you and you rejected them. Scholarly and non-scholarly.


Exactly, which is why both the NDP plan and the PC plan are really just fantasy wish lists. They're like our own personal wish lists which kind of get mugged by reality at some point. (Yes, I'd like a new Camry but I might have to settle for a used Corolla). Even the Liberal budget would have to be rejiggered if they were ever elected (not that they have to worry about that).


I alwasys do,


Curious if you are suggesting that Hindu and Buddhist are altogether peaceful?


And physically weaker. And less socialized to think they are entitled to sex.


Sunday school lesson.


Saved from what? What wants to harm me that I need saving from?


Were you asked to be concerned?


Placing a man aside by the words "absolute truth" is like explaining how slanted were the eyes of Washington.


"Your using scripture to attack a Christian tells me you are not a


Then he must have been around 100 years old when he wrote the gospel. In fact all the gospels are anonymous. The names we know them by were attached in the 2nd century.


"Are the direct quotes from the passages in which Porphyry allegedly tells of the followers of Pythagoras signing Pythagoras' name to books they wrote found on pp. 394-395? Once again, why are you so reluctant to provide a link to Dr. Baum?s article to everyone on this thread who wants it? Now, what made you assume that I would have access to an monograph not on the internet? Could it be that religion of yours acting up?"


My guess is that those Christians in name are apathetic, don't much care except for weddings, funerals and christenings. Even I attend those from time to time and I am a convinced atheist.


How can he possibly need more than ONE jet? Nevermind ask his ministry to donate the money to buy it? How do you know "God has blessed his ministry"? Because he is such a good conman that he has bilked these people into giving him their hard earned money? If God can not think of a better use for $54 million dollars then it is only more evidence that your God is not real.


There's no problem, as long as you're honest that it's a hypothesis in flux, and not "settled science".


I'll add to the "you're all boy scouts" argument: I've never seen an atheist on these forums be pro-slavery, and argue that the problem with Christianity is it suggests all people are equally human.


Yeah, we have a while till we see cherries

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