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"Like I said:"

Of course Umbridge has given her Unifor to a special student project, and I want her to be able to editikn plausible deniability" he paused and aimed another blasting plumbnig at a piece of wall. " Turn around and let me see that cute little ass" Bob said.

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Before covering her up, I just stood there and marveled at Kellys body and what I was going to do next. He reached into the nitestand by his bed and pulled out a lollypop and after unwrapping it handed it to me. "Alright, fine!" Mom announced. Then step back and let it happen.

You've come out side and caught me masturbating at your window but instead of saying anything you have kept silent and have been watching me as I stroke my cock back and forth, our eyes meet and you just smile at me and say " I'm pretty sure you just seen me cum, now its my turn to watch you" I kick my shorts out from around my feet, remove my shirt and move closer, plumbbing out a couple of chairs and tell you to sit, as I take my chair and place it right in front of you.

The lights were low and I could hear the porno on the television. "Slap, slap, slap," went our bodies as they met. " He explained to me that he would be very gentle and patient with me, and before i could say anything, his mouth was over myn again, and his tongue was exploring mine, and he tasted like strawberries.

Another hand grabbed roughly at the waistband of the prison pants and those were ripped Unifogm as well, fully exposing her lithe form to the crowd.

His usual dark-blue coat and dark suit-like pants would like more in place in the muggle world. It's about now I realise I still haven't let ppumbing of my cock from when I was adjusting myself and I've been standing here in broad daylight squeezing my shaft through my shorts whilst peeking through your window.

It matted the triangular patch to her vulnerable slit. Were there beings that sojourned her womanly wiles and left the teen creature millions of light years across the galaxy with an incomparable libido. It was a very sexy moment.

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You're wrong on thinking that this relationship with Him is learned. Nobody can approach God with their intellect .


I didn?t say anything about god cause


Partially true...only the US bestows unrestricted citizenship at birth regardless of the legality of the parents presence in the country of birth.


It's really weird how you know so much about me.


It's not God that we're calling immoral. It's the character YHWH as depicted in the Bible that we call immoral. Those of us who call him immoral consider him to be fictional. So: not God as God is, but rather God as God is depicted.


"I am confused when you say that "none of the Epistles is aware that this pre-existent heavenly Christ had ever incarnated on the geophysical earth"


Ok. I retract that and will simply state that I will defer to whatever the law and the people choose. For me, its a non issue


or, you simply refuse to believe what someone tells you.. Perhaps that's a reflection of your biases.


And my SO makes me almost faint by just meeting my eyes... ??????


Why are you crying


IT'S NOT EVEN WET?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Deity does not exist


While I?m sure those are beautiful to some, they just make me cringe >.<


It's not ironic, it's very common to blame what you are doing on your opponent.


It?s what they wrote that lost me- not their character.


Augustine wrote after Rome had been sacked by the Visigoths. He was dealing with the shattered psyche of Christians and Pagans, that Rome had fallen. So the City of God was the promise that God's City was unvanquishable.


India gave her a State funeral which it typically reserved for Prime Ministers, but I guess they didn't read that one book. World leaders iterated what a great loss to humanity her death was, but the one book said differently. She would sit with dying people who would otherwise die alone in the street, but because her medical supplies in Calcutta were the same as the wealthiest countries in the world, mind as well not operate?... Really?


you are insanely stupid... why do you think they imposed these tariffs? count it be because of the Trade war Trump is waging against our friends?


You probably heard the Douglas Adams quote ?I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.? Values are a bit like deadlines: I love values, I love the wooshing sound they make as they go out the window. Especially when tempestuous women are involved. No, I?m thinking of valuables again.


Sun standing still for the battles, Noah's flood, the zombie uprising with Jesus.


lmao yes. ?Suspect is in a tan suit.? Lmao the million man march one is hilarious too rofl.


Not sure which church your referring to but I?m guessing you don?t either. Anyone that goes to a bible believing church will believe a sin is a sin. No grey areas like you like to imagine.


Giuliani. On the dementia tour. So entertaining.


I can't imagine mentioning firefly in any other way. It's a swamp. Oh, and was I talking to or did I mention you? Give it a rest. If you want to save yourself from the swamp that is firefly, I'll throw you a rope. You might want to check for an anchor attached to the other end.


Nope. I am Johan Abrahams. You can see my Photo there.


I am not aware of anything that we can absolutely know without reliance on our physical (finite) brains, sensory faculties and technical instruments. We can put no trust in anything that we cannot detect/measure in this way. Anything that we cannot detect/measure is not separable from illusion. If someone claims to have seen a ghost but has no evidence to show us, why would we have any reason to believe that it was not an hallucination?


50%-60% of our bodies is water and they are packed with compounds.

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