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Monday, February 12, 2018

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"I think its abhorrent that they choose to do that especially when someone is grieving the loss of their loved one. I could never sign up to it. Though, I still strongly believe people have the right to voice their opinions no matter how disgusting and vile those opinions are. It is up to us, who are rational and have an argument of our own to keep them in check."

They drove back to London with Abdul very proud of his performance. I came and just kept having an orgasm.

Then she let it slip out from between her pouting, full lips, let go of his sno, and lay back on the bed, her slim legs parting. " Aubrey quivered too, shock clearly written all over her face. She was overwhelming me, pressing into me so hard I was nearly falling over. I couldn't bear seeing her like that.

I moved my other hand up and placed it on top of her matching breast as she continued to stare into my eyes. About 1630 it started getting dark as the sky was telling me that a storm was a brewing and the sun was ready to set to boot.

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By the way, what is your friend supposed to do during the later stages of her pregnancy? Wear voluminous clothing and hide behind furniture?


Nonsense: you can beat the left-handedness out of a child, just like any sin. And you can do the exact same thing with religion too!


While I'm down to just one tat, I'm a guy who has said no, on numerous occasions.


This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty Ruler of the universes, the GOD of Israel : I am the I AM, the God of Adam, Abel, Seth, Henosch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel, the God of Moses, Joshua and Caleb and Samuel, the judges of Israel and of King David... and of all the holy prophets and anointed kings and high priests of Israel... and of My beloved Son, the Mashiach/Messiah/Christ Yahshua/Yehoshua/Jesous/ Jesus, and of all the holy apostles and holy prophets and holy anointed wittnesses of past, present and future days. I AM. Many argue about Me and My holy words. Still I AM the same, that I was before the foundation of creation. I AM. I never changed and I will never change. My holiness is My eternal glory. No-one will enter into My Holy Temple, unless they are cleansed and purified and sanctified and justified by means of My grace through faith in Me and My beloved Son and His reconciling sacrifice on the cross of Calvery/ Golgatha. I AM. His blood had to fled on the Arc of the Covenant, which was hidden in a cave under the cross of calvery by the prophet Jeremiah, to reconcile creation to Me, the Holy GOD of Israel and of the heavens and the earth. I AM. Since that day, My holy Temple is opened to all who believe. Now everyone can come to Me in honest prayer to receive grace, forgiveness, love, mercy, help and godly peace in his heart by accepting this holy message as what it is : God's holy word in reality... to save all who believe in Me and the Saviour Jesus the Christ and His precious sacrifice on the cross/wood of curse, where He died for sinners/criminals/godless people to save their precious souls for eternity by means of his bloodshedding on the cross and on the Arc of the Covenant to reconcile creation... and to give eternal life to all who believe, by means of Our saving grace and love and truth... and the gift of faith... to save all who believe and accept and obey the true gospel of salvation... and who follow Christ Jesus as His disciples on the small path of life to eternal glory. I, YHWH GOD, AM. Prophecy 06.08.2018. Jean Schoonbroodt.


Destroyed by Trump


"Let's not simply gloss over the fact that nearly every loving parent would need to be restrained to keep them from giving to the point of putting their own life at risk for the sake of their child."


You forgot the part where you need to be on tiptoes too! ;(


"If Trump keeps pardoning and commuting sentences of Black people----he'll get all the black vote!!!"


It's just a cake. Give the people the cake.


We don't know the entire story. Apparently, the spa disclosed the identity of the customer.


Ah. guess that answers my question.


That's wonderful and I plan to use "buybull" in the future.


It's not. Guess you don't own a business and don't understand. They can manipulate statistics and reap benefits of predecessors all they want. This admin is not doing what you claim they are doing. Far from it.


I was "wrong either way"?


The Trumps build solid, sturdy, durable houses in much of the New York City boroughs. They were sold at a fair price. Many still exist to this day.


Interesting. At that point,I think the species is doomed.


It's as funny as Melania's anti-bullying campaign. People were attempted to debate on issues and he's there going, "Rosie O'Donnell is a fat pig. Just Rosie." Grade school, man. Stupid funny like Napoleon Dynamite. I thought Rubio's small hands remark was funny but also below the level of presidential debate. And how about Cruz's father killing Kennedy? You think false accusations are hilarious?

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