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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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"Yup, they just regurgitate catch phrases and reword the same three fallacies in ever more complicated ways."

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Foxy bigtitted ladyboy solo tugging hard cock

She pulled away and said we can't do this. Elly giggled at her, Alice couldn't help but beauiful as Elly's tits jiggled as she laughed. We made our way down the mountain the same way we came up, but unfortunately I was beginning to remember my duty here to study the people.

"Leave it!" he bellowed. Paul shouts back "in here". " "You're right we're not. She took the nightie with her, planning to have it cleaned and sent back to Robert before Cathy returned. Flouting in the bright blue liquid was a body, in tact.

he was intoxicating, handsome and charming. She has a slim build and maybe beutiful 30 pounds, which is like Kathryn at her age according to Helen. Why would they want to play strip pegs with their family. He tells her how it happened and that he's in pain but is ok.

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Because it starts resembling a human then?


I mean I grew up In Northern Virginia but yes there is this huge beautiful cathedral that most Catholic families go to and all the girl scout troops in the area go there during Christmas time to sing carols


I would call it close minded. There is more than enough evidence that the Bible is true, and that YHVH God is the creator.


We could always hope Becky can get her wish. Old a probably scripted but still funniest thing I have listened to.


Exactly. You hit the nail on the head.


Yes, and that is also hard to discern, especially from just a few characters on a screen.


I love when brainless twat conservatives just desperately want to respond, but simply dont have the intellect! This s what you get! SO funny!


I always do!!


Since the BIBLE starts out by simply STATING that the "heavens and the earth" were created in "the beginning," an undisclosed period of time, it provides no "time calculating" method for the earth and/or the "heavens," or "universe." To say it does to discredit what it actually states is just dumb....


They had kyrie last year and only won one game.


But George, what you're describing here


Long time no see. Been doing well?




Interesting article that I can't get at right now.. Hopefully the thread isn't lost.


So you don?t dispute that he is a corrupt lawyer. Great


If?in a moment of weakness?I ever request pictures, I'll know what to expect. lol


No None of the Above candidates? ;)


This is a completely asinine statement. Everyone wants to demonize Trump for separating families. He almost immediately put out an executive order stopping it after he heard about it. This was going on while Obama was in office. The only difference is that Trump is actually directing the government to enforce the immigration laws that congress has passed, so the number of affected people have increased. Don't like the laws? Get congress to change them, that's not Trump's fault. Don't like how he's enforcing them? He made a change, and did it quickly after it came to what exactly are you judging him for? And then extending that to others in the administration and calling them child abusers? The problem isn't that the people you're referring to are complacent, because they aren't. The problem is that you're intellectually lazy.


A true source of knowledge can be taken literally . . . to optimum benefit.


that wasn't debate. That was a bigoted generalized statement


Bahahaha! I might better ask my doctor from now on if that is a side effect of any medicine I'm prescribed.


How about if you decline going out with your workmates on Friday nights because you know they'll be drinking and you don't approve of drinking? Is that a form of bigotry?


It is believed today by numbers thrown around that sayz about 2 billion counting the cathliks

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