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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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"lol, I was hoping nobody would bring that up. There was a Friends episode where they address that and ultimately, the answer is probably, NO!"

Fleur landed heavily on her back, drew her own wand and prepared for battle. "Nothing. His thighs trembled, his cock swelling ominously in her mouth.

I watched as she bent over to touch her toes, and ended up with her elbows on the floor, with her pert ass wiggling in the air.

He took another drink to clear his head. Follow me, and bring the wine bottle" she said. I knock on the door but no answer; I'm pretty sure someone's home as I can hear music coming from the lounge room so I think to myself "I'll just check out back in case she's out in the yard". Her eyes were locked onto his own, a deep emotional swirl of madness and panic caught between them.

I didn't get that burning sensation at the back of my egotic. "Get up!" he shouted shaking her "Huh. "Sure thing mate. Only one much older. He reached into the nitestand by his bed and pulled out a lollypop and after unwrapping it handed it to me.

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Jeebus , Son, give it a break, you people are twisted...


Could you point out which definition of oppressed this meets?


Who would be silly enough to block a MOD ? That's a the 8th deadliest sin !!!


HUSH YOUR DIRTY MOUTH! FVCK NO! Cramps, Euv. Cramps make women want to have their uterus ripped out.


No, but high temperatures can weaken them enough to make them fail during an explosion caused by molten aluminium mixing with water.


I would bet money she is 0.0% Native American, you would seem to agree.


Nonsense. What's next, no food inspectors?


How are you this morning?


that's certainly what I was taught


Toxic masculinity is a thing. But it's not little American boys playing football, Soccer Hooligans reading lads magazines or Boyscouts only allowing boys in. It's much, much, much uglier than that. The "feminist's" energy is largely misdirected I'm afraid. But I'll spare a political conversation in an otherwise non-political thread.

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