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Sunday, February 11, 2018

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"Metaphor or not, 6 means 6 and 7 means 7."

"I hate that place. A real pussy fulling treat let alone a generous mouth full which is the theme of this story. When you put a big pair of bouncing tits a foot from my face I have to look.

Girl with a well-kept body and beautiful boobs is waiting

As they talk about what they're planning on doing this summer when out of the blue Lisa say "show me your leg" confused as hell he just looks at her with a look of pure confusion. more than fear.

"Well I'll defo take you up on that offer Mrs Dixon" Lisa says taking her coat back of. They drove back to London with Abdul very proud of his performance. Ciara pushed me forward and took my hands as everyone started to dance to the upbeat jig.

Elly took the cat ears off Alice's head and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. Reaching between her legs I smoothly inserted my long middle finger up into her tight wet pussy hole, feeling her tight cunt clutch my hard thick finger.

Then, just on the other side of the door, he could hear the massive rusty gears turning. This is the friend who functioned as my barber when we trimmed my lady's pussy in the story, "Morning in the AZ Desert" (you hopefully have read it written by this author azdad77).

"Well, I'm hungry" she said as she licked her lips with a smile on her face. Her true, final punishment didn't arrive until the afternoon of the third and final day.

So now, ever so tenderly, she gently nudged the end of the smaller vibrator into Daniel's puckered hole.

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Looking for the alcohol...too much work finding it.


Have a nice day. Welcome back.


Only a racist would say that


Oh, I just realized Spotify didn't get rid of West's (Kanye West) music, but R Kelly. West has been in the media lately for his behavior and some radio stations have said they won't play his music anymore, so I thought spotify had done the same!


This is a guy with issues. Wow.


Murder rape and plunder for sure. But they didn't often murder the entire population.


As I said before, if a priest asks for a microphone, and the microphone is for the church, the anti-Christian is obliged to sell him the microphone.


It makes no sense for her to do this really. No matter how low you are you don't encourage people to vote for another party. But in fact, she's still telling people to vote for the Liberals. She's not telling them to vote NDP. And even though she will lose, she's got to leave some base for the Liberal party to build on going forward.


ONLY if the person to whom the speech is directed.


Yes it is, confirmed by 2000 years of scholarship. You don't have to believe it that's on you, but don't use revisionist history to back up your claim.


I am not sure what is being argued in this game. Christianity still exists, whether Constantine personally adopts it or not. It has already spread through the empire and is growing, even through it has been officially outlawed. Getting the emperor on board at that moment had a huge impact, but only at the top levels of government and society. It changed nothing for the grassroots growth of the religion. My point being Christianity being what it was, and Roman polytheism being what it was, Christianity was still going to spread.


Carlin is a good businessman: He appeals to phony, pretentious, sententious, wanna-be intellectuals/enlightened jerks.


It is forbidden in Leviticus.


Boo Hoo man! My local cell phone carrier was just bought out by T-Mobile! Goodbye unlimited everything for $50.00 a month!


sorry but anyone ought to know that to enter into any house, one has to enter in through the door.. only a thief would come in through the window, or the chimney !!! :) LOL!!!


That's a good one, but I'm not thinking of using it as a reference to a vagina but rather to someone who has got my ire up.


OK. Let's discuss the problem seriously. In detail. Without BS.


Saved from what? What wants to harm me that I need saving from?


And the OP believes what a school shooter says about himself on FB? And that Pagourtzis did what he did because of his atheism?

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