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Sunday, February 11, 2018

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"The decision essentially said, yes, you can discriminate if you use religion as a rationalization for your bigotry."

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" a strong male voice said. I finally calmed her down enough to tell me that she was at the police station and if I didnt pick her up quick, they were going to call her mom.

he lived fairly close to my house, so we were there in no time and i was already feeling a little nervous about being with him alone. I don't think I want to give up Sam just because she wasn't in our premonition.

I only saw him a kn of more times, but i will never forget the handsome man that made me into a woman. Remember Aunt Sally telling us about how back when she was married Amanda lopked take the light bulbs out of random lamps. "Why don't you kids go to Pauls room while I make food and I'll shout when food is ready" Emma says getting up and making her way into the kitchen.

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Without the paperwork and collar, yes.


Well, I'm sure you do get along with your mother just fine. I'm not sure that you completely caught on to the point that I was making, but I don't mean to imply that you're a terrible daughter, etc...


Pathetic! What a disgrace! That is one heck of a SJW rant you've got there, Gilette! One platitude after the other. And she hasn't even by-hearted them...Do these people really THINK at all? Point proven, G!


Nah, they just go to churches and shoot black people.


So you understand!


Conservative media hasn't done that and Trump hasnt used that BROAD brush of which you speak.


Yeah, I don't think anybody writes an OP about something they don't think exists, either. And then you say "i was christian for 35 years", (whatever that actually means!). So why don't you just cut the crap? Try being real for while, see if you get anywhere that way. If you're having problems understanding why a loving God allows suffering, just say so. You'll find a lot of other people dealing with such questions, but without the atheism shtick.


Do not distract from the facts I gave you.


1)FBI persons fired for misconduct or incompetence is irrelevant.


then read the text. either and I have this time to prove it or not. consequences are coming either way too. natural law like any other law will have its end. its separation from God, from Holy. thats all Hell is...sep from God.


I don?t have a problem with Catholics (the people), just the institution


Plutarch: History is written by the winner!


It would truly be wonderful.


It's a bindi


really? proof that it was not Crazy feminist women who hate men...


lipstick doesn't look good on everyone. fight me!


The correct way to express the parallel relationship to my formulation, though, would be, "No Mohammed, no Arabic contributions to Christian developments in Math or Science."


Funny, my butt feels just fine.


But... what if we wanted a PC government but think Doug Ford is a tool? Where does that leave us? There?s quite a few of us, you know.


I wuv you...and I am totally cracking up at the new name.


15 of the 19 hijackers responsible for the murders of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 were Saudis. Odd that Trump has exempted their homeland from his travel ban. I guess his personal business interests take precedence over America?s safety.


You've gone over this ad nauseam.


Not according to Wikipedia:


But they are not completing the martyrdom or even the injunction to turn the other cheek. The current reaction doesn?t turn away anger but only contributes to the escalation of recrimination. That is why I call it pseudo martyrdom and not the real thing. It is just a variation on a childish temper trantrum because they didn?t get their way. This in no way compares with being thrown to the lions, being tortured, or even being beaten with staves. Gandhi applied these principals to win independence from Britain. Indians would accept blows from the police but not return them. The women would help the wounded to first aide as the next rank stepped forward to receive blows. And that would continue until the police were too tired to strike any more blows.


It makes sense to me. You are comprised of different parts all adding up to you. Each part plays a different and important role, but their totality is you. Same with God. Sometimes you sound like you?re being needlessly difficult.


Too many polysyllabic words. Try a meme to get a septic to pay attention.


I don't know what kind of soap he uses, do you?


He sent me pics and videos and vn, daa


Just for completeness, here is something else the bible says about foreigners:


Soldiers get lousy pay, always have and always will. There are perks, travel is one of them... Better to work as a contractor though, pays is good, lodgings are usually nicer and unless you are an actual shooter and required to go hunting outside the wire the stress is a lot less.


According to those experts its been trumps economy. Did you notice consumer confidence is st a all.time high. Started rising when trump was elected. Thats with dems trying to pull thd nations worst political scandal. Lock them all up..


For people who are handicapped. For children.

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