Aspire 3-D Modeling

If you have a passion for 3-D modeling, then this course could give you the new skills to develop your existing career or help you take your first steps into a new career.
Using the Aspire software throughout the course, you will produce highly finished, professional content that builds into a portfolio that will impress future clients.
You will learn how to model complex objects, using techniques such as multiply and texturing, while developing high quality 3-D models.

Job Set up



Node editing

Fit vector to curves

Bezier Curves


Component creation

Component Properties

Combine Mode

Add, Subtract, Merge, Low, Multiply

Levels and Layers

Level interaction

Hands-on modeling

Architectural Detail

Eagle Head

Police Badge

Coat of Arms

2-D image to 3-D model

Advanced 3-D modeling

Information using other 3-D programs.

Importing  3rd party 3-D files

3-D Tool Path setup

Bits, Feeds & Speeds