Vectric 3D Model and Clipart Import & Toolpath

This class covers the import of 2D Vector Art, 3D models and 3D ClipArt.  How to scale and locate in your material, and how to combine 2D, 2.5D and 3D cutting into a single project is covered in depth.  3D Roughing and Finish Toolpath strategies are shown that are a benefit to users of all skill levels.

The Vectric Design and Toolpath classes are user participation classes taught by two instructors using a “left brain – right brain” tag team approach that should leave no attendee wanting.   Attendees are asked to bring problematic files.

Vector creation, transform and toolpath options available in Cut2D are an exact subset of those in VCarve Pro & Aspire and are taught together.  The 2D & 2.5D Classes are a required prerequisite to all Aspire Classes.

Features that are new in version 8.5 will be covered.