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Monday, February 12, 2018

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"Some farmers raised their wages to $16/hr or more and it hasn't helped with the worker shortage."

She swallowed my cum, whipping a streak off her chin. She was delayed by many suitors on her way, but knowing her true duty, she dispensed with them all with promises of future favors and thumbnaile from the meadows.

Finally his cock settles down and hangs normally, nice and soft and long.


An exquisite woman who exuded sensuality stood before him, unashamed. I pulled my hands back and fondled her tits and she was slowly moving up ghumbnails down like a pro, sucking real hard. That hand-squeeze said so much nudw than the mere touch of skin and fingertips - it was Kayla's unspoken way of telling Daniel - 'We're in this together, don't do anything stupid.

We both started removing our clothing and soon we had our outer wear lying in a pile on the floor. I held her Thxi and held on to her ass as she rode her orgasm out in my arms. " She took my cum covered dick up her hole and rocked herself forwards and backwards.

" "We can't" she said. She never failed to tell me how she had drawn the short straw and had not been partnered up with one of her cronies. "Oh, this is so good.

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I?m into both forms of sodomy. Judge away lol I?m still gonna do it ;P


One thing that I've found interesting here is that people who participate in the fun posts are much more likely to be successful in engaging others on substantive political topics. And, more to the point, I find my responses to others have been enhanced by those interactions and even more to the "selfie" threads we run from time to time.


Oh do I have bad news for you about the definition of the word catholic.


Your dishonesty is exposed.


I'm fairly certain there's a fairly strong subculture where women are not able or allowed to say how much motherhood can really suck at times.


He can take the cake and shove it up his or hers. No cake at the wedding. The people will indeed live. It isn?t the end of the world. As for the baker, I wouldn?t feel discriminated because that?s just their beliefs and there?s not much I can do about it.


At least the boulders can't hurt him in heaven. He can have them the size of marbles, every day, all day long.


"Its change over time with limits. The genome for species is elastic but not perpetually elastic. It accumulates change and after time loses that capacity to make big change, but its ALL within the original family."


I have forgotten more than you will ever know.


The shelters in my area do pack walks but you have to donate in order to participate in them. They're pretty popular and no one is allowed to bring a dog that isn't great with other dogs. So you could always try to look into something like that and take your little one to it. Dogs of all sizes usually participate.


Just finishing a kitchen redo, almost within budget, but 5 weeks longer than planned. Last two weeks without a stove or sink.


people used to believe marriage was for life. I don't know if it was positive or negative honestly


Lois. That was I gracious post. I may disagree with much of it but that at the moment that does not matter to me.


I do - and I vote as well. Worshipping rich people, however, is NOT something I do.


"Christianity has brought death"


if a man is bad with money and has many debts, that to me is a red flag.


I can solve the Khadir issue in one easy go. Kidnap Stephan Harper and submit him to the same torture for the same number of years and then ask Khadir to return the money. Then he won't have the money and you'll be happy. You don't care if anyone gets hurt-just so long as the money is returned. Right?


Oh - are we still repeating that little fantasy?


I wasn?t even in my office!


Ok, so you have to witness a fire alarm work before you trust one? Were you in a building as it burned to reach this understanding of fire alarms? Because you should be able to understand the simplicity of a fire alarm without watching it in operation.


Which is the part in which I said take their lumps and recover. The Liberal Party has to have some repercussions for their actions. Non Party Status does that. The people have spoken. So they will rebuild, find a new leader and do so as an unofficial party.


I agree. But he was an atheist. However it was his rabid anti-religious bigotry that was the problem I was talking about.

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