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Sunday, February 11, 2018

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Bee Squirts on Jays Pussy (TheBeeJayShow)

"Um every romantic comedy ever made. The first that comes to mind is Ross on Friends. Rachel wasn't interested in him at all but he gradually won her over. I loved it at the time, but now I'd much rather have Ross get over his crush and go find a girl that actually liked him back"

" explained Abdul "Right?!" said Nadia wondering where this was leading "So he is moving in here!" said Abdul smirking "HERE!" shouted Nadia "Nadia, do not raise your voice" said Abdul sternly "How can he move here?" she carried on lowering her voice "We have a spare room and I am hardly here, cooking for one more won't be a big deal!" said Abdul "But Tood am his manager!" said Nadia "Only on paper.

"It's okay, Dan.

I kissed them through her dress and lowered the shoulder straps. "Put your hand on my pubic hair" she said. He feels just how wet she is and looks at her and realises iss all these years that he has extremely strong feeling for this girl and is happy by what is about to happen as she grind against him she shifts her hips and he shifts his and his cock slides in and hits her barrier she stops shocked and looks him straight in the eys coverags sweetly say three special words "I mobils you" the sinks down breaking her barrier on his engorged member covdrage wimpers in pain as she settles with him iis the way inside of her they stay like that till she starts to rock her hip causing both to moan with the pleasure all he can do is stair at her as she gets going he feels his balls tighten and almost screams "I'M CUMMING" Lisa start to cum and soaks him and the bed as she cums HARD this is all I takes to set Paul off and he shots 2 weeks' worth of cum hurling straight girgin the depths of her pussy sending her of even more as they lay with him buried deep in her the fall asleep in the position.

" He explained to me that he would be very gentle and patient with me, and before i could say anything, his mouth was over myn again, and his tongue was exploring mine, and he tasted like strawberries. He got up from his chair, clad in clothes that looked so out of place in hogwarts.

She shuddered and a scream caught in her throat. " The harshness gradually left Robert's voice as he spoke, seeing how upset his daughter' was at his angry words.

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Saying I am wrong, is not as helpful as saying why I am wrong.


sure it is what?...


Well,unless you're a native American surely you have already left or are planning to leave the US.


I live in the UK so I can only go by what I experience here. The UK is sometimes portrayed as this great multicultural country but in reality the underbelly is much murkier. Racism here has not so much increased as much as it has come out into the open since the Brexit vote. Incidences are more frequently reported and the connected world gives us access to more news (and fake news). I grew up and went to school in South London in the 70's and the black/white/asian thing was evident if not obvious. You could see the groups of black, white and asian groups sticking together like it offered some kind of protection and I suppose it did to a degree. I am of Italian extraction and my darker than white skin prompted problems with mainly the white boys who simply labelled me a w*g. Fights would break out all the time but when a fight was between a black and a white boy there was extra spice to the fight and the name calling would be open, same with black and asian or white and asian. I watched the fires of the Brixton riots burning in the distance as a 20 year old and was fully on the side of the rioters, most of the people I knew were black and half of them were on the front pages of the papers being carted away by angry parents or police during the riots. Racism in UK is rife I am sorry to say and most of it is out of fear of those who are different from them. I have walked away from people mid sentence in a conversation because I couldn't deal with their open racism but more importantly I couldn't have them thinking I was of the mind as them. I trained a kids football team and had to listen to idiots talk about kids in the most derogatory ways and being told it was just a joke or an expression when I pulled them up on it. With the spate of Islam related terror there is yet more distrust in society, the ignorance that goes with that distrust is truly amazing, I have heard people simply calling anyone with brown skin a muslim, how f*cking stupid can anyone be. I see no way through for people of that mind, these are adults in their 30's, 40's and older. That isn't to say it isn't rife in the younger age groups, both my kids are in their 20's now, both work in education fields and both give us accounts of racist behaviour by people. Brexit has brought about a spike in reported hate crime, but I feel it was always there but for some reason this vote has inspired some to think that this vote means they don't have to hide their racist views. I don't know what can be done to fix this, as long as we have racists teaching their kids racist views it is going to take a long time for it to die out.


A being may be all powerful, but communication with humans can only happen inside a cultural context. And just because that communication happened in the first-century (allegedly) doesn't mean that first-century Jewish/Greek/Roman culture is the ideal to be emulated for all time.


They have not executed a person for blasphemy in like 40 years. What do they do with them, give cokies? Do you want to deny there are people imprisoned for blasphemy in Pakistan? How honest is that?


It's fun to watch someone actually look forward to the destruction of a powerful nation just because they hate a certain religion so very much.


We aren't though.


Oh, Tex...We'll throw you a party. It can be a "Glad I was born with a penis" party!


You lost me. You don?t how beauty comes from within?


You mean America made a mistake in destroying Hitler Army ?


Can't seem to post this video at the 'current time', so you'll have to listen to the whole thing. Just as well, it's a great song

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